Location / Place To Visit / Teos - Sığacık

The large port city of Teos, located on the Aegean coast of Turkey, was once the center of the Artist Guild of Ionia. Its extensive ruins, including those of the renowned Temple of Dionysus, make a visit to the site worthwhile. It is located very near the town of Sigacik and is 18 kilometers from the town of Seferihisar.

Teos was located on the isthmus of a peninsula and had two harbors. The southern one has been silted up by a stream. Parts of the old quays can still be seen today. Traces of earliest occupation can be discerned on the acropolis of the city. Some parts of the fortification wall can be seen amidst the overgrowth of vegetation. The city was primarily located between the harbor and this acropolis. The walls in this section were erected during 3C BC, and are oddly enough strait enclosing a rectangular area.

The substantial ruins of Temple of Dionysus is the most significant in the site. As an early work of Hermogenes of Priene, it was erected in 130 BC and restored during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. The temple was an Ionic peripteros with 6 by 11 columns standing on a platform measuring 18.5 by 35 meters. A Turkish archaeological team carried out the latest work and restoration in 1960s, and some finds including fragments of an acroterion, and a frieze with reliefs were taken to Izmir Archaeological Museum for exhibition.

The ruins of the theatre, which dates from 2C BC, lie to the south of the acropolis. Its cave is in very poor condition, but the remains of the stage building are quite substantial. It was modified during the Roman period.

The remains of a Gymnasium can be seen to the northeast of the acropolis. An inscription found here records the details of teachers' salaries. All the buildings found at Teos were built of the local blue limestone, which was also an important export item of the city. This stone is as hard as marble but easier to work.