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Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey, and has the second busiest port after Istanbul. It is a major road and rail junction and is connected to Turkey's principal provinces and several European cities by frequent direct flights.

Izmir is really such a beautiful city that merits its label, "guzel" in Turkish, meaning "beautiful". It lies at the head of a long gulf (Izmir Korfezi) frequented by ships and yachts. Along the shore, the promenades and palm-lined boulevards with a wide array of dining and shopping experiences, provide a break for people to enjoy the imbat, that refreshing sea breeze tempering the summer heat. The city gently ascends the slopes of the encircling mountains and the character of its districts combine the energy of the modern life with the allure of the old quarter in an attractive, extraordinary blend.

The city bursts to life in summer with hundreds of performances, cultural events, and activities, the most important of which are the International Arts Festival (June/July), and the International Fair (August/September).

Must see:

  • Historical Kemeralti Bazaar
  • Saat Kulesi (Ottoman clock tower)
  • Asansör (the Elevator)
  • Agora
  • Kordon Promenade
  • Atatürk Museum