House Of The Virgin Mary - Denizatı Holiday Village, Gümüldür, İzmir

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Legend has it that the Virgin Mary, accompanied by Saint John, came to Ephesus at the end of her life, circa 37-45 A.D. Renaissance church historians mentioned the trip, and it is said that local Christians venerated a small house near Ephesus as Mary’s.

The Chapel was rebuilt upon the original foundations that have been determined to date as of the 1st and 4th centuries. Part of the building is of the 7th century and the last restoration took place in 1951.

In 1967, Pope Paul VI visited the site, where a chapel now stands, and confirmed the authenticity of the legend. A small traditional service, celebrated by Orthodox and Muslim clergies on 15th of August each year in honour of Mary’s Assumption into heaven, is now the major event here. To Muslims, Mary is Meryemana, Mother Mary, who bore Isa Peygamber, the Prophet Jesus. So, the place is considered holy not only by Christians but Muslims as well. The shrine is visited by patients seeking cure; offers are made and vows taken.